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Meet Our Leadership Team!

Because we value confidentiality, our Leadership Team has created avatars as a representation of ourselves.  Additionally, last names are included at the sole discretion of the individual. 

Please enjoy, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

Jennifer Gunsaullus, PhD, Education Director

Jennifer is a sociologist and sexologist, dedicated to creating safe and shame-free environments for people to learn about sex. She leads orientations and oversees the SPSD communications team. Dr. Jenn loves the emphasis and teaching that SPSD has around sexual consent.

 Rex, Volunteer Director

Rex is founding member of SPSD and enjoys helping members discover and explore new activities in a safe space with friends. "Just ask."

Aaron, Membership Director

Growing up celibate in sex negative religious communities, Aaron joined the Los Angeles chapter of Sex Positive World in a bid to explore and grow parts of theirself long held under lock and key. Discovering a community rooted in celebrating sexuality through creating safe containers emphasizing positive consent and clear communication of boundaries, they embarked to build the same closer to home here in San Diego.

Care, Membership Director

Care came into SPSD when she found the consent/touch foundation through cuddling. She began to explore her own sexuality and the "non-shaming" aspect of sex and touch in this group. The like-minded community is well worth your time to explore - it's safe and most of all fun!

Judy, Community Director (Membership)

Judy enjoys hiking and spending time outside with family and friends. Within the SPSD group, she loves talking to and learning about others in a judgement free zone.

Barb, Event Director

Barb joined SPSD to reconnect with her sexual self and have found an amazing community of like minded people where she can explore sexuality in an incredibly safe space.

Amy, Marketing  Director

Amy sought out SPSD as a way to find a new community of like-minded people. She values the exploration and safe containers created by SPSD and loves the new friendships she has made during her time with the organization.

Julia, Event Director

Julia found SPSD to be a refreshing space filled with supportive and knowledgable individuals from all walks of life. A place where self exploration is encouraged and cultivated. SPSD’s mission and people are what lead her to becoming more involved and she cannot wait to share this experience and feeling of empowerment with others.

Julian, New Member Ambassador 

Julian was drawn to SPSD because it was a safe place to openly discuss taboo social topics such as Sex, Desires, etc. But once introduced to the group he found it to be more than he could have hoped for. He has learned to not only ask for what he wants, but also take concepts learned and apply them in his own daily life (Hell Yes!).

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