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  • **Field Trip** 7 Barriers to a Sexually Empowered Life

**Field Trip** 7 Barriers to a Sexually Empowered Life

  • 21 Sep 2017
  • 7:15 PM - 9:15 PM
  • Private Residence. Address will be sent out with confirmation email to protect the privacy of host.
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**PLEASE NOTE: This is an outing organized by one of our SPSD members, we are posting as a courtesy. We encourage the supporting of fellow members, but please know that none of the money raised for this event goes to SPSD. In addition, as this is a field trip, NON SPSD MEMBERS are allowed to attend this event. SPSD cannot vouch for the quality or container of the event, however, it looked like it could be fun, so enjoy and please let us know what you think!

Free Event (YOU MUST BE ON TIME!!!!! - DOORS WILL LOCK at 7:15PM and no latecomers will be allowed in.) 

Come learn the 7 barriers to living a sexually empowered life...and what you can do about it RIGHT AWAY! In this workshop, you will learn 

• The biggest thing that sex education failed to teach and is the root cause of so much confusion, shame, and dissatisfaction – Your Big Why 

• The missing piece to creating depth and intimacy inside and outside the bedroom – Communication skills no one taught us! 

• Where and how we limit ourselves with our limited capacity and willingness to receive 

• How we actively contribute to not experiencing and creating that which we desire most 

• That what often gets in the way of our erotic potential is fear of not being normal – and the importance of discovering and exploring ourselves 

• What stops us from being masterful providers of pleasure to our partners 

• What could be missing as an empowered lover is the courage to not know or the confidence to bring yourself fully You will walk away with SOLUTIONS to these 7 barriers to support you on your journey of experiencing a sexually empowered life.

Parking Information: Parking can be difficult, so plan accordingly. Please arrive early as doors lock at 7:30PM and no latecomers will be allowed in.


Dr. HazelGrace is profoundly impacted by the amount of psychological and emotional violence that has been, and is currently, being done to men, women, and individuals across the gender spectrum. She recognizes that the world NEEDS healing and comprehensive sex education. She is an unyielding stand for the end of global sexual shame so that humans can experience heart-centered and empowered sexuality. One way she supports this movement is by bringing her workshops to cities across the nation. Dr. HazelGrace is the founder of The Cock Project™ and The Pussy Project™. She works with individuals and couples as a Clinical Sexologist and a Somatic Sex Educator to support them having the healthiest and most fulfilling sex of their lives. www.hazelgraceyates.com ___________________________________________________ Testimonies from workshop participants: What I love about Dr. HazelGrace’s workshop is that they’re always interactive, edgy, and perfect for where I’m at in the moment. I've done a lot of work around my sexuality, and feel empowered as a woman and a sexuality coach, so I attended this workshop with curiosity to see what was left to be discovered. It definitely deepened me. While I felt discomfort with one of the exercises, the tools she gave us to practice made it possible for my partner and I to dialogue after the workshop about what had come up for me. Using the tools from the workshop, we dove deeper into vulnerability with each other in a safe container, which expanded our love and compassion for one another. We've made new agreements and I know we will continue to use the communication tools Dr. HazelGrace offered. If you are someone who would like to experience self love, learn better communication tools for you and your partnerships, or simply want to explore the empowered life, fully engaged in your healthy, sexual being and knowingness, this workshop is for you. 

A’ra Blair, RN, BA, LSC Author, Sacred Sexuality, Reclaiming the Divine Feminine Sexual Health Services Providers Supervisor for CDPHE 

I’m thrilled to face an intentionality of my sexual life and look forward to exploring more reciprocity with future partners. The difference it made for me attending is the desire to explore this with my future partners, and the willingness to work on myself now. I love HazelGrace’s beautiful spirit and shame-dismissing leadership. The thing I learned the most is I have something new to explore about myself to be a better person for me and others. FUN! Steve M.

 Attending the 7 Barriers to a Sexually Empowered Life I got a new set of tools for overcoming my sexuality challenges. I also got a better perspective on why some things aren’t working. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Hazel Grace and her work. I highly recommend attending anything that she is offering. I would especially recommend this workshop for anyone who is struggling with their sexuality or wants to improve their sexual experience. I’ve been feeling like it would be better and safer for everyone if I just stop having sex with other people. I left feeling like it’s a matter of perspective and unlearning some culturally perpetuated nastiness. I love the community that I felt in this workshop. We’re all in this together, even though we all have different experiences. 

I.I., Colorado

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