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  • CANCELLED L2 Play Lab


  • 21 Mar 2018
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • El Cajon area; address will be emailed 3/20
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Registration is closed

*NOTE: This event is automatically wait listed. Participants will be chosen at the discretion of the facilitator, host, and Events Team. They are preparing the most fun and safe environment that they can for our members. Emailing any of them to ask about your status on the wait list will only make them grumpy. If you do not get into this one, there will be more in the future. Or, you can contact SPSDEvents@gmail.com and submit your own event proposal. 

What is a PLAY LAB?

A play lab is an opportunity to discuss, practice, and play 'with the lights on' in a friendly and experimental environment. They are used in kink communities to give new people their first exposure to specific touch and to give experienced people an opportunity to practice and share their techniques.

What will we DO?

During opening circle, we will have a brief discussion for everyone to share ideas before breaking up for free play. This will be a sensual, but not sexual, experience with no genital undressing or touch. The vibe will be educational, light, and playful. All play will happen in an area monitored by an experienced and qualified member.

Although this is an L2 event, touch is neither guaranteed nor required at any time. As with all SP events, consent is critical and hygiene is sexy.

What should I BRING?

Wear whatever you like, but swimsuits are encouraged for maximum access to skin within the L2 container. Bring your own sensation toys to use or share: fuzzy, ticklish, hot/cold, scratchy, or smooth are all good sensations to consider creating. Use your imagination! Lotions or oils are also permitted, but the host requests that anyone intending to use them also bring at least two large towels to manage their goo.

There will be cold water and dipping vegetables available. Members are welcome to bring any other (non-stinky) food they wish to share. 

What should I NOT BRING?

No use of sharps that could easily draw blood. No bondage or power exchange will occur during this event. All play is subject to facilitator discretion.

As with all touch-based SPSD events, no alcohol.

Cost: $10, paid through the website

What's the SMALL PRINT?

This is a Qualifying Touch Event according to our leveling up policy, which means L2s seeking promotion will be reviewed and the results will be applied toward their L3 candidacy.

RSVPs will be emailed the location address on the day before the event.

This is a Level 2 event, which means only Sex Positive World L2 or above members may attend. No L1s, no +1s, no exceptions.

Because space is limited, it is extremely important that any members who are unable to attend the event notify the facilitator (BarbSPSD@gmail.com) quickly so that others may take their place. DBAA

Timeline of Activities:

7:00 – Opening circle

7:10 – Do things

9:45 - Stop doing things / Clean up things

9:50 – Closing circle

10:00 – Hard Limit / GTFO

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