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  • **FIELD TRIP** Erotic Empowerment Ceremony

**FIELD TRIP** Erotic Empowerment Ceremony

  • 16 Mar 2018
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Address will be emailed to registrants. Vista area


Registration is closed

**PLEASE NOTE: This is an outing organized by one of our SPSD members, we are posting as a courtesy. We encourage the supporting of fellow members, but please know that none of the money raised for this event goes to SPSD. In addition, as this is a field trip, NON SPSD MEMBERS are allowed to attend this event. SPSD cannot vouch for the quality or container of the event, however, it looked like it could be fun, so enjoy and please let us know what you think!**


Tickets can be purchased here

The Sacred Art of Yoni and Lingam Worship with Amara Karuna and Ray Adastra Do you want to take your love and sexual relationships into a deeper and sacred realm? Would you love being pampered and treated as a divine being? And does your own inner priest/ess love to give devotion to others? If you enjoy ritual and want to learn more about Tantra, this event will delight you! Have you had wounds, neglect or trauma around your body and sexuality that has left residuals of shame, guilt and fear? Taking these issues, which many of us carry from our sex negative culture, into a sacred healing space is a powerful and deep practice. We can help each other to reclaim our sexual areas as the powerful and sacred parts of us that they are. We will create a strong container of safety and healing, and practice the sacred art of yoni (vulva) and lingam (penis) worship, using each other’s bodies as altars for the Divine. We will include invocations of healing powers, and it is a chance for you to call on your own inner priest and priestess to be present. Dressing in special ritual clothes, anointing and adorning ourselves and each other with flowers, jewelry and precious stones helps take us into an altered state where healing is more effective. The process includes some creative dance, compassionate listening, sensual mediations, and massage. Some gentle yoni and lingam massage will be invited as an option you might choose. We will not focus on technique as much as being present and following our intuition. You will have the chance to both give and receive. "Your work is amazing, and your facilitation and ability to hold safe and sacred space is second to none." ❤️ Amy in LA, CA Please be comfortable with group nudity, and sexual touching happening in the same room. Arousal is not the main goal here, although it may happen and is welcome. Our primary focus is on honoring, loving and healing our partners. A partner is required for this event, although if you are open to meeting someone new, you may find one there. You will work with only your partner in this event, so it is great for couples. Singles will be placed on a waiting list until they are matched with someone of the gender they desire. All genders and gender preferences are welcome, and same gender partnerings are great. Event fee $50 per couple preregistered. $30 per single. amara@mindspring.com 808 982 6755 Ray and Amara are main organizers of the Oregon Tantra Festival, July 20-24, 2018 ABOUT AMARA Amara Karuna began studying Tantra and methods of sexual healing on Maui in 2003, with Joan and Thomas Heartfield, David Bruce Leonard (who created Rivers of Love) and Chetan Samarpan, and others. She has been leading Tantra classes and pujas on the mainland, Big Island and Maui since 2008. She teaches Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage as well as Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy, and is the author of "Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy, A Guide for Friends and Lovers”. She has taught hundreds of people to do peer counseling, and has led many classes and support groups in Hawaii, including groups for sexual healing, parents and leaders. She is available for individual sessions of counseling, rebirthing and tantric and relationship consultations. Call 982-6755 for sessions. ABOUT RAY: Ray is a professional counselor, focusing on sexual healing, relationships and polyamory. He is also a personal trainer and coach, and specializes in helping people with emotions that block them from exercising. He travels and teaches many classes with Amara, including Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage, Heartbeat Therapy and Rivers of Love.

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