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  • **FIELD TRIP** Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage

**FIELD TRIP** Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage

  • 17 Mar 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Address will be emailed to registrants upon ticket purchase. Vista, CA


Registration is closed

**PLEASE NOTE: This is an outing organized by one of our SPSD members, we are posting as a courtesy. We encourage the supporting of fellow members, but please know that none of the money raised for this event goes to SPSD. In addition, as this is a field trip, NON SPSD MEMBERS are allowed to attend this event. SPSD cannot vouch for the quality or container of the event, however, it looked like it could be fun, so enjoy and please let us know what you think!**


Tickets can be purchased here

Learn to Give - slow, nurturing, healing bodywork around the pelvis and genital areas to bring bliss to your partner This is a unique and amazing kind of slow and penetrating touch on the pelvic area, which most people have never experienced. It is relaxing, nurturing, healing and pleasurable all at once. Treat yourself! 

This work draws from the techniques of sacred spot massage, Orgasmic Meditation, cranial sacral work, facia release, Rivers of Love bodywork, Taoist energy healing and cultivation, and deep tissue and acupressure bodywork. Pre-register please! 

THE DETAILS: Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage Training Open to all, limited space 3 Part class, can be taken in sections, see below: We have a few place for people who can only attend 

Part 1. Please do not register for part 3 unless you are in a couple. 

Sat Intro class 9am -12:00 pm $35 We will give priority to people registering for both part 1 and 2. 

Part 1: Introduction to Sacred Sexual Healing Self Massage and Buttock Massage *Introduction to working on both men and women, doing release work around the pelvis and internally. 

*Benefits and intentions of this practice 

*Different types of touch and their effects, and the special Spiral Twist: key to tissue relaxation. 

*Subtle Energy Self Discovery: clothed self massage around the pelvis (wear loose clothes). Loosen the tight spots around the perineum! 

*Pelvic Breathing & stretching- Bringing aliveness to the pelvic area 

* Exchange of a wonderful buttock massage, fully clothed

 Call to pre-register at 808 982 6755 or email lovingconnections@mindspring.com 

Part 1 Pay in advance: $35 each prepaid discount. 

Sat Part 2: Sacred Pelvic Healing Demonstrations 1:00 pm -5:00 pm $65 per person 

Demos and instruction on Pelvic Massage for Women and Men- No partner needed. This class will include a demonstration of the powerful external and internal massage techniques to open and relax the pelvic area and genitals. You will be given notes to remember the moves and sequence. 

Instruction and demo: Giving to a Woman, Sexual anatomy and energetics, and a demonstration of massage techniques and healing ritual. Giving to a Man, presentation on sexual anatomy and energetics, and a demonstration of massage techniques and healing ritual. The models will be nude, others might choose that also, so please be comfortable with that. There is no touching of anyone but the models by the teacher in this section. You do not need to attend with a friend. Bring a sarong to lie on and wear loose clothes. Bring lunch, a pillow or backpack, snacks. 

Pre-registration: please email Amara at sacredloving@mindspring.com, or call 808 982 6755 

Pay at door: send an email to save your space, then pay $65-100 sliding scale per person If you plan to take the next section and you already have a partner, please let me know. 


Part 3: Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage Practice trades - Partner required. (You may find one in Part 1-2) Saturday 6:00-10:00 pm $65-100 

Must have taken Part 1 and 2, and you must attend with a partner or be a space holder for a couple. This section limited to 16 students. If you have taken the instructional parts in previous classes and just want to attend the practice, that is fine. This class will include a chance for hands on practice with a partner, while being guided through a series of nurturing, arousing and healing moves. We will do one session on a man, and one on a woman. The focus will be on nurturing touch, and not on sexual stimulation, although we are open to that occurring. 

Topics include: 

*Discussion and sharing around our past sexual experiences 

*Nurturing touch of the hip and pelvic area, perineum, genitals. (All techniques are optional) 

*Various massage techniques for releasing adhesions in the tissues around the genitals 

*We will not be practicing the internal anal techniques in this beginning class. 

* The skills of nurturing, therapeutic, and arousing touch People should be comfortable with group nudity and sensuality and have some familiarity with healing and counseling work. We will all be working in the same room, but not exchanging partners. There will be sexual touch happening in this class. Bring lube, a sheet, massage oil, a small blanket or sarong, and either a pad to lie on, or a massage table. 

Singles take note: Ideally you need a partner who you know to attend this class with you. You may meet one in Parts 1 or 2. You may wait until you find a partner to sign up for this part. People can attend with a friend or be willing to find someone there to work with them, or work in a threesome. Everyone can participate even if they choose not to do hands on massage work, since some people can be holding space. **********************************************************

Full training costs: Pay in advance: $300 per couple, send a $75 deposit

Amara Karuna has been studying alternative healing since 1978. Amara taught Re-evaluation Co-counseling, a method of peer counseling, for over five years, and has been studying and practicing it since 1983. In 1989 she developed her own approach to peer counseling, called Holistic Peer Counseling, integrating many ideas from RC with spiritual meditation practices, psychic healing, breathwork and body centered techniques. She has taught hundreds of people to do peer counseling, and has lead many classes and support groups in Hawaii, including groups for sexual healing, parents and leaders. She began studying Tantra and Sacred Spot work, a method of sexual healing, on Maui in 2003 withJoan and Tomas Heartfield, and has since studied six different methods of pelvic bodywork. She has been teaching Sacred Sexual Healing Work for men and women, and leading Tantra Pujas since 2007. See http://karuna-sacredloving.com She developed Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy, a method of healing the inner infant self using cradling, hypnotic induction and suckling to address emotional issues stemming from lack of breast feeding and loving closeness as an infant. She is the author of "Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy- Healing Our Hearts Together".


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