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Workshops, classes, and outings

What is an Orientation?

After you have joined the group you can attend any level 1 event that interests you. In order to become fully active in the group we require you to attend an Orientation. This full-evening of activity introduces our ideas and mission, explains how our group and events work, and includes some fun interactive games. These occur on the third Sunday of every month. After orientation, if you are invited into the group, you may attend other events.

Here's what a few folks have shared after attending an Orientation:

"Orientation was very clear, well-organized and put together. Everything about this event made me feel comfortable with not only my own boundaries, but recognizing and honoring others (especially how to communicate all of that). My heart swelled three sizes at the end when we all got to acknowledge our bravery for tonight."

"The leadership group is amazing!  Participants very interesting. Great job.  Took a difficult topic and nervous group and turned it into something amazing."

"The atmosphere was welcoming and comfortable. Lots of great information about asking consent. Fabulous job overall. Great info, great group of people. I look forward to attending future events."

Our events

SexPositive events are coded Level 1 through Level 3

Level One 

Friendly, flirtatious, and playful, but non-sensual. Activities might include workshops, classes, meet and greets, book clubs, eating, or dancing.

Level Two 

Sensual, increasingly flirtatious, but not sexual. Activities might include workshops or classes with nudity or live demonstrations, light touching, sexy dancing, or sensual massage. 

Level Three 

Activities might include intimate touch, kissing, and playful exploration between individuals, couples, or groups.

At events you are expected be respectful of the boundaries of others and of the event, to take care of yourself, and honor your boundaries and agreements. Beyond that, anything else is up to you. You will never be expected to do anything you don't want to, or to interact with anyone you don’t wish to. But we do expect you to contribute to the vibe through positive social interaction. Sex-positivity is about authentic, respectful, open communication, and being honest about your desires.

Upcoming events

    • 25 Apr 2018
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • TBD, will be a public location
    • 14

    We've found some amazing books to share and discuss. No pressure to finish the book, come and discuss the sexy topics either way.

     About the book (from Goodreads.com): Garden of Desires: The Evolution of Women’s Sexual Fantasies Female sexual fantasy began in 1973 with Nancy Friday's multi-million-selling collection of real women's fantasies, My Secret Garden. Until that book was published, female sexual fantasy did not exist; not even within the pages of Cosmopolitan, their opinion at the time being: 'Women do not have sexual fantasies, period. Men do.' Friday's book changed all that. Now, exactly forty years on from Friday's masterpiece, leading sex writer Emily Dubberley is curating a brand new female fantasy classic for the modern era. It's a post-Fifty Shades, post-Sex and the City world and in Garden of Desires, hundreds of real women share details of their most private thoughts. This is an exploration of the meaning of desire. Dare to read, dare to dream, and dare to discover the new truths of female sexuality. The stories are red hot and completely original. And they're going to make your heart beat faster - and make headlines nationwide.

    Things to Bring: This month's book and ideas for upcoming book club ideas.

    • 30 May 2018
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • 3610 Barnett Ave, San Diego, CA 92110

    **PLEASE NOTE: This is an outing organized by one of our SPSD members, we are posting as a courtesy. We encourage the supporting of fellow members, but please know that none of the money raised for this event goes to SPSD. In addition, as this is a field trip, NON SPSD MEMBERS are allowed to attend this event. SPSD cannot vouch for the quality or container of the event, however, it looked like it could be fun, so enjoy and please let us know what you think!**

    Event Details: Come explore what titillating treats and treasures await at the Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore!  It has 4 stars on Yelp and you can even get a 20% off coupon by visiting their Yelp page.

    Timeline: Since this is a public business there will be no opening circle and you are welcome to come whenever you like and stay as long as you like (it's open 24 hours a day).  Your host will be there to greet people at the door at 7pm and will let you know what they are wearing the day of so anyone who comes after 7pm can locate our group in the store.  

    Parking: Large open parking lot.

    What to Bring:  A curious mind and your pocketbook for any purchases.

Past events

19 Apr 2018 **Field Trip** Sexual Empowerment Circle
01 Apr 2018 **FIELD TRIP**Free HAI Mini Workshop: “Intimacy and Connection”
25 Mar 2018 **Field Trip**/**Qualifying L2 Touch Event** All Girl Cuddle (everyone identifying as female welcome)
22 Mar 2018 **Field Trip** Sexual Empowerment Circle
21 Mar 2018 CANCELLED L2 Play Lab
18 Mar 2018 Orientation (Level 1), Potluck, and Sensual Social (Level 2)
18 Mar 2018 **FIELD TRIP** Rivers of Love Erotic Massage
17 Mar 2018 **FIELD TRIP** Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage
16 Mar 2018 **FIELD TRIP** Erotic Empowerment Ceremony
04 Mar 2018 **Field Trip** Bliss Puja Dirty Dancing & All Gender Play Party
02 Mar 2018 **FIELD TRIP** Tantric Massage Secrets for Couples
22 Feb 2018 **Field Trip** Sexual Empowerment Circle
22 Feb 2018 [L1] Poly Discussion Group
18 Feb 2018 [L1] Orientation and Potluck and [L2] Sensual Social
13 Feb 2018 **FIELD TRIP** Passionate High: Curious About Cannabis?
09 Feb 2018 **Field Trip** Behind Closed Doors Fetish Art Exhibition
28 Jan 2018 **FIELD TRIP** The Sweet Spot San Diego: Fetish Edition (Burlesque Variety Show)
21 Jan 2018 Orientation (Level 1), Potluck, and Sensual Social (Level 2)
20 Jan 2018 [L1] SPSD Social Mixer
13 Jan 2018 **Field Trip** Honoring & Pleasuring the Masculine
09 Jan 2018 **Field Trip** Sexual Empowerment Circle
07 Jan 2018 **FIELD TRIP** Yoni Massage with Jwala plus Potluck & Free Yummy Dancing Party
19 Dec 2017 **Field Trip** Sexual Empowerment Circle
17 Dec 2017 [L1] SPSD Holiday Party
17 Dec 2017 **CANCELED** Orientation and Potluck (level 1) and Sensual Social (Level 2)
17 Dec 2017 Coffee Communion [L1]
14 Dec 2017 **FIELD TRIP** Taste 'n' Tinis
10 Dec 2017 [L1] SPSD Social Mixer
10 Dec 2017 **Field Trip** Monogamish — San Diego Screening + Q&A w/Director
07 Dec 2017 **Field Trip** **Woman identified folks only** 3 Ways Being Comfortable with Sex Make You a Better Progressive
19 Nov 2017 [L1/L2] Orientation and Potluck (level 1) and Sensual Social (Level 2)
16 Nov 2017 [L1] SPSD Social Mixer
15 Nov 2017 **Field Trip** Sexual Empowerment Circle
28 Oct 2017 [L1] Plays Well With Others: Negotiating Relationship Boundaries and Agreements for Group Sexploration!
22 Oct 2017 **CANCELED** [L1/L2] Orientation and Potluck (level 1) and Sensual Social (Level 2)
19 Oct 2017 **Field Trip** Sexual Empowerment Circle
14 Oct 2017 **FIELD TRIP** The Cock & Pussy Project San Diego
11 Oct 2017 [L1] Social Mixer
22 Sep 2017 **Field Trip** World Sexual Health Day - San Diego
21 Sep 2017 **Field Trip** 7 Barriers to a Sexually Empowered Life
17 Sep 2017 [L1/L2] Orientation and Potluck (level 1) and Sensual Social (Level 2)
10 Sep 2017 [L1] Class: How to Get Freaky Without Being Creepy: Navigating Consent, Boundaries, and Touch with Charlie Glickman
24 Aug 2017 [L1] SPSD Social Mixer
25 Jun 2017 Orientation and Potluck (level 1) and Sensual Social (Level 2)
10 Jun 2017 [L1] Day of Sacred Sex
21 May 2017 CANCELLED Orientation and Potluck (level 1) and Sensual Social (Level 2)
30 Apr 2017 Orientation and Potluck (level 1) and Sensual Social (Level 2)
19 Mar 2017 Orientation and Potluck (level 1) and Sensual Social (Level 2)
14 Mar 2017 [L1] Blow Job Grad School with Reid Mihalko
13 Mar 2017 [L1] Plays Well With Others: Negotiating Relationship Boundaries and Agreements for Group Sexploration!
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